We used space tours for 5 different trips and each one was great. Driver always on time and flexible with our schedule.

Anne Hulse

I have used Space Tours for the last three years. No matter how close or far, Space Tours has always offered the best price. I enjoy working with Maurice. He is very helpful and flexible.

DeSheila Rumph-Wallace

This company was very professional and on time. The bus drivers were great with my students and teachers. The buses were very clean and comfortable. The price is very reasonable. I will definitely be using them again!

Crystal Walsh



Space Tours' shuttle service offers a convenient transportation solution by shuttling your group between designated points at regular intervals, providing the utmost convenience for attending art fairs, sporting events, and various gatherings.

If the interior does not yet offer you enough space, our capacious luggage compartment provides space for all life's situations. Whether it's a big shopping trip, a stroller or whatever you need to move from A to B: there's room for everything.


Space Tours provides complete charter bus services for business or family outings, including game events, sightseeing, and corporate gatherings, with buses and motor coaches available for small to large groups, ensuring safety and comfort.

a spacious interior for every situation: durable and comfortable. Including heated seats, height-adjustable seat belts and enough space for long legs on even longer journeys.

Multi- Stop Transfers

Offering transfer services for various activities such as sightseeing, education, shopping, and entertainment, Space Tours facilitates seamless group experiences with multiple stops as needed; for instance, they can arrange a museum tour for retirees, featuring lunch and a lecture, through their tour group operations.

The Sion's bidirectional charging technology enables you to use it as mobile energy storage, wherever you are. Be that while camping, on the construction site, or simply at home. Via a regular household plug, the Sion can power all common electronic devices with up to 3.7 kW. It can deliver even more power when using a Type 2 plug, you will be able to power other electric cars up to 11 kW.

Your Trusted Journey

Family-Owned & Operated at Space Tours

In 1990, Mauricio Vargas established Space Tours in Orlando, Florida. Armed with a few mini-buses and a deep commitment to community service, Mauricio embarked on a mission to provide reliable transportation.Starting small posed challenges. Mauricio navigated regulations and worked tirelessly to build a loyal customer base.
Every passenger was more than just a rider; they were treated like family. With a modern fleet, the company caters to Orlando's diverse transportation needs, holding onto its core promise of quality service. Julian, Mauricio's son, now contributes to the company's operations. Under Julian's leadership, Space Tours has expanded its reach and embraced innovative technology, prioritizing safety and customer satisfaction. Beyond business, Space Tours remains deeply rooted in Orlando's community.
At Space Tours, each journey is crafted to be more than a mere ride. Whether it's commuters, families, or tourists, the focus is on creating enjoyable and memorable travel experiences.As the sun sets over Orlando, Space Tours continues to honor Mauricio's legacy while embracing Julian's vision for the future. Together, they pave the way for continued excellence, community engagement, and personalized service.
Join Space Tours on a journey where every mile signifies a commitment to connecting passengers with their destinations through dependable and caring transportation.
"Exploring Horizons, Connecting Communities."This is the story of Space Tours—a family-owned business dedicated to enhancing Orlando's travel experiences, one journey at a time.

Our fleet
is waiting
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Discover unparalleled travel comfort and reliability with Space Tours' meticulously curated bus fleet. From intimate group outings to larger gatherings, our modern and well-equipped buses and motor coaches ensure a seamless journey tailored to your needs. Your satisfaction and safety are our priorities, making every trip with us a remarkable experience in itself.

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FAQ Overview

Common Questions

What's the difference between a charter & round trip?

One of our most asked questions. With a charter, the bus and driver will stay with your group for the length of the service. You are able to leave you items onboard the coach. Round trips are only transfers. This means that you will be picked up and dropped off. The bus does not usually stay with you're group. You are not able to leave items onboard the coach.

Do you use Your own coaches?

Yes, we own an operate all of our coaches. We do work with a select few trusted partners for larger events that require more coaches than we currently have in our fleet. We also work with a select few trusted partners for services that require smaller vehicles.

how do you price a service?

Pricing varies on the distance, hours, and date of your specific service. Our rates start at $119 per hour for a charter service (with a 5 hour minimum) and $595 for a round trip. We invite you to fill out our estimator tool to get a customized price on your service! And if you receive a better rate, please let us know and we'd be happy to try and price match!

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